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“Welcome, fellow profit-minded head-bangers…I’m only interested in experienced, down ‘n dirty, grim ‘n grimy heavy-metal musicians.” - Steve Dallas


PEOPLE OF TUMBLR, this is my Christmas gift to you: the best Christmas special of all time, bar none. I give you A Wish for Wings that Work.

Nobody but my family has EVER HEARD OF THIS, because it is a Christmas special targeted solely at adults. I mean, I loved it as a child, but having watched it as an adult, I can safely say that it is for grown-ups. This is a Christmas special with a crossdressing cockroach, footage from Lost Horizon reappropriated to hilarious effect, and so many subtly-veiled dick jokes I can’t even tell you. This is a Christmas special with a penguin that goes to a support group for earthbound birds. IT IS BASICALLY THE BEST THING YOU WILL EVER WATCH, and it is free on the internet and will take 23 minutes of your life. JUST DO IT.